• Some custom LED Light Controllers built by MegaLED Ltd for Plymouth Theatre, UK.
  • Custom LED Controller Embedded Firmware

Custom LED Controller

Project involved producing prototype DMX control and driving system for voltage driven LED’s (strip modules inside a sign) programming the hardware with a selection of lighting effects.

Project Summary | Custom LED Controller for Theatre

MegaLED produced a proof-of-concept DMX test system for getting client approvals and then built some cost effective stand-alone 0-10V LED Custom Light controllers for client approval. To get client approvals we needed a flexible and fast way that allowed our client to change programmes as might be required at the approvals stage. We decided to use DMX control for the initial approvals and specified a “GU2”. The STICK-GU2 is a wall plate controller and it allowed us to programme and vary or ‘tweak’ lighting scenes by software. Once the scenes were known and approved by the client we then converted DMX data and embedded it into our Analogue Multi 0-10v LED control card with custom firmware. This approach gave the client a led lighting solution that was flexible whilst the lighting programmes was not approved and then saved the expense (or extra bulk) of DMX hardware when they programmes was decided.  It gave the client an elegant and easy to operate solution.  Onsite, the client used 1-10V wall-plate voltage sources to trigger the programmes in our controller and the project was reported to be a great success!

BOM | Bill of Materials

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