Comprehensive range of MegaLED DMX LED controllers, designed and built in the UK.  We have DMX drivers for: 3channel, 4channel, 6channel, 12 channel, 25 channel, 27 channel, 50channel and 75 channels – and multiples thereof.  These driving and dimming cards operate with all DMX master controllers and lighting desks.  These easy to program stand alone devices can also control our DMX cards.

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Nearly all our control cards can be custom built with embedded firmware programmes, some have USB and RS232 interfaces. As standard with our modular cards we have configurations for both constant voltage or constant current powerled types.  As we design this hardware you can request custom builds and custom firmware as well.

Other DMX hardware info:
We also offer a very useful DMX Diagnostic tool “DMX Doctor” (not currently online – so contact for info) and a great isolated DMX splitter.  For other types of high power switching we have some mains 10A DMX Relays ideal for on/of switching of electrical loads, lights and big transformers.

Our modular multichannel DMX 75 systems feature separate decoder and drivers and all our all-in-one DMX led controller cards have the driving circuitry on board.

We also have other modular led controllers (NON DMX) like 0-10V that have been used in industrial applications by people like SPACEX and SIEMENS INDUSTRIAL.  Not a surprise as we can quickly customise the firmware on all these devices.

Also note, this modular led controller section is semi-related to ‘DMX’.  It has both 0-10V and DMX devices.  Including a 3 or 6 channel DMX Decoder and our ‘DMX led strip controller’ – that can control upto 9 Kilowatts!

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