DMX Controller DJ Eric Prydz O2

Switching back the clock to a job in GREENWICH at the O2 Arena. MegaLED was approached by The Pixel Addicts (Immersive) to create a LED Light Control system to power and colour change a few special edge lit light pipes or “faux neon tubes”. The job was completed to a very tight deadline and finished off with this timeless and amazing video. Thumbs up to Immersive and the performance from the legendary DJ Eric Prydz - who is known for putting on a good show.

Client:  The Pixel Addicts / Immersive
Location:  O2 Arena, London
Project Category: 
LED Light Control
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DMX Controller DJ Eric Prydz O2:
The project used our bespoke electronics DMX75 LED DMX programmable control system configured for power-leds.  Our DMX controller drove 123 channels of light or 41 RGB Power LED Clusters. The DMX Light control was done by Immersive’s propreitary media server and DMX lighting desk.  Our control cards were custom built DMX75 Multi channel LED drivers with output driving currents set for 130mA (constant current, PWM dimmed). The light source was a mid-power OSRAM RGB light injector module complete with light pipes or “FAUX Neon Tubes”.

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