MegaLED’s modular system is an incredibly flexible and powerful way to control lighting in commercial buildings and lighting installations.

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These controllers enable customisation of a control system to suit individual LED fixture types (both powerLEDs or voltage driven leds) and their Light control requirements. The modular system splits into 2 distinct sections: Control & Output.

Control Group – Modular LED Controllers

These boards control the colour, brightness and interface to the LEDs. From stand-alone systems, 0-10V input and DMX interfaced systems, the control boards determine how the LEDs are lit.

Output Group – Modular LED Drivers

Taking signals from a control board, the output boards are designed to drive specific types of LEDs from traditional 3 and 5mm types to newer high power led devices like LED Strips. The boards can be ‘daisy-chained’ to give virtually limitless output drive capacity for all types of LED fixtures.

Product Range: Control Group:

  • AM2: 3ch. RGB Modular LED Control
    AM2 is a modular RGB Output Controller popular with both sign makers as a sign controller and LED home installations:- The AM2 can also be installed into a double UK wall-plate.. Various RGB programmes are available.
  • 0-10V Analogue to Digital LED Controller, RGB 3channel: AM3
    AM3: 0-10V is a 3-channel RGB modular controller board designed to accept 3x 0-10V analog inputs to set digital dimming output levels to drive any of our modular LED Driver “output” cards.
  • 0-10V Analogue to Digital LED Controller, AMF: Analog Multi Function
    Analog Multi Function LED Controller is a 2-input 0-10V, 2 channel output controller board that features several ways to have lighting programs, called up and controlled through its two 0-10V inputs.
  • DMX 1
    3channel modular DMX decoder.
  • DMX 2
    6 channel modular DMX decoder.
  • DMX 75 channel Modular
    Flagship decoder device most often used with our RGB
    LED Strip driver cards.

Product Range: OUTPUT / LED Driver Group:

    V-Driver is a 3-channel, modular voltage output board with high current output capacity (15A). Drives voltage-LED RGB Fixtures, 0-24V.  Common anode leds, common cathode also available.
  • DVR1 PowerLED Driver
    350-1000mA PowerLED Driver RGB 3ch DVR1-RGB is a 3 Channel (RGB) modular output driver board for power LEDs: 1, 3 and 5 Watt devices. These driver boards form a system, accepting signals from our modular control cards, which include: AM2 & AM3.

Modular LED Controllers

Modular LED Controllers

Drive or dim KILOWATTS of LED lights through our versatile modular decoders.
Modular LED Drivers

Modular LED Drivers

Modular LED Drivers, 'output' control cards for voltage and current driven leds.