These programmable DMX controllers can operate in live or stand alone mode.  Everything from simple residential lighting scenes to complex led display illuminations can be achieved with this hardware range.  Ideal when combined with our DMX multichannel LED drivers.


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We offer you a complete range of flexible DMX controllers, all are sold complete with ESA or ESA2 “easy stand alone software”.  Some of the later models can be linked to WIFI and also have mobile apps that can interact with the interfaces.

There is two main programmable DMX interface types in this section:

1. Stand Alone “BOX”
Architectural range, push buttons on device, auto DMX program triggering and various switched port triggering options.  Now includes U11 the advanced ‘grey box’.

2. Glass Wall Plate Interfaces
Architectural range, with push buttons on wall plate interface. Auto programme triggering, some with switched port triggering.

All these devices are ideal for total flexibility, used to create custom DMX lighting programmes, architectural LED lighting scenes and LED Display animations.   These products act as a computerised and versatile lighting desk (without the desk) you are not limited by built in programmes.

Programming LED Controllers
The architectural and building range includes both Easy Stand Alone and S.T.I.C.K. wall-plate based products. Every single interface can be programmed to suit your specific installation. These devices make it possible to easily control and programme the lighting within a variety of places; such as homes, hotels, restaurants, fountains, gardens, commercial and many more.

All DMX hardware in this range can be operated and controlled in “live mode” or they can be flashed and then operate in stand alone mode.  In stand alone mode, once programmed by a PC or Apple MAC the devices can operate independently and have their sequences or light shows triggered by time, event, on-board switches or touch pad interfaces; without the computer actually being attached.

!! Legacy, end of life Nicolaudie DMX devices include:

STICK KE1 Wall Plate controller


SLESA U8 DMX USB Stand Alone Controller

Alternatives >> SLESA-U9 or SLESA-U10

IP1 Ethernet & USB DMX Stand Alone

Alternative >> SLESA-U11

SLESA-UE7 Multi channel advanced DMX controller

Alernative >> SLESA-U11


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STICK-GU2 Glass wall plate DMX Controller

STICK-GU2 DMX LED Controller Wall Mounted

Stick GU2 Wall plate controller, 128 channels, elegant wall plate design. Programmable…

STICK-GA2 ETL Listed Wall Plate Controller DMX Nicolaudie

STICK-GA2 DMX Wall Plate Programmable Controller

DMX Glass wall plate, 512 channels. Programmable, stand alone software.

STICK-DE3 is a glass wall plate controller that is programmable and outputs DMX

STICK-DE3 Wall Plate DMX Controller

Stick DE3 wall plate controller 1024ch; programmable + stand alone, wifi options.

STICK-KEW glass touch sensitive wall plate controller nicolaudie

STICK-KE2 | DMX Touch Controller Glass

Glass Wall plate, 1024 channels, Programmable, adv. stand alone software.

SLESA-U11 Advanced DMX Controller Programmable with Ethernet

SLESA U11- Programmable DMX Controller

1024channels, NEW Sleek design, NSA, TCA, RDM, 13 Keys, 99 Scenes, 5 Zones

SLESA-U10 DMX Controller box and lighting desk software

SLESA-U10 Stand Alone Controller

Architectural LED controller, 256 channels, PC, MAC Programmable, Stand Alone…

SLESA-U9 lighting desk controller hardware with stand alone device

SLESA-U9 DMX Controller

Architectural LED controller, 256 channels, PC, MAC Programmable, Stand Alone…