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Client:  Christopher Jenner Design.
Location:  St Pancras Station, London

Bespoke LED Controller

Bespoke lighting project involved designing light sources and creating a custom led controller with embedded firmware. We designed a switch-automated illumination system providing customer way finding to ticket terminal desks. Delivery to: London St Pancras (Eurostar ticket office).
Client:  Sultan of Brunei / Orostream
Location:  London, Knightsbridge

Interior LED Lighting Specialists London

Sultan of Brunei, London project. Complete LED Lighting design installation comprising design of unique LED hardware, bath lights, cove lighting and powerled backlighters. Development and production of Super warm white ‘gold’ flexible LED strip.
Client:  Zachery Pulman Interior Design
Location:  Highgate West Hill, London

LED Shelves and LED Sky Lights, Interior Solution Light Design

Project involved creating a new interior lighting solution. Our feature piece was some “LED Sky Lights” to make a basement space really come to life.
Client:  Tom Kinsley
Location:  Harlesden, London

London LED Strip with RGBW Controller

Project involved specification and build of control box. Installing 25 metres of RGBW linear LED strip across four ceiling beams.
Client:  Christopher Jenner Design.
Location:  MILAN

Artistic LED Feature Display Installation, Milano

Project involved designing and making custom LED light source for illumination of irregular blown glass designs. Made in UK, installed in Italy all within 2 weeks.
Client:  Lewisham Shopping Centre | NES
Location:  lewisham shopping centre

Colour Changing RGB LED Feature Wall

Project included the design, specification and installation of RGB LED strips. Hardware used: DMX mini light controllers and Stick KE1.
Client:  Trade Sign Company
Location:  Plymouth, England


Project involved producing prototype DMX control and driving system for voltage driven LED’s (strip modules inside a sign) programming the hardware with a selection of lighting effects.
Client:  Jamie Oliver
Location:  London, Westfield, Shepherds Bush

Custom LED DMX Controller - Jamie Oliver's

Project involved designing and installing custom Vespa LED light source, building custom LED control box, programming selection of lighting sequences and completing all onsite LED wiring.
Client:  http://www.jonathancharlesfurniture.com
Location:  harrods, london

Edge Lit Signs - LED Signage @ Harrods - London

MegaLED supplied and installed 4 edge lit signs for Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture at a concession in Harrods (excuse the video quality)!
Client:  Dreambox
Location:  Liberty Hall Building, Dublin, Ireland

Multi Channel LED Controller Ticker

The electronics supplied by MegaLED where used on the top floor of the building (or ‘The Marquee’ as Dreambox named it) and used to scroll text around the building.
Client:  Whitechapel Art Gallery
Location:  London, E1

LED Illuminated Channel Letters

Design, supply and installation of Whitechapel Art Gallery 3D shapes complete with sign lighting modules inside. Initially prototyped using custom LED circuits by MegaLED with nichia sign lighting modules.
Location:  Germany, Dusseldorf


Project involved supply of RGB LED strip, specification of light control system. wiring of RGB lights, completion of programming sequences, installation and testing for WiFi control using Stick DE3 and DMX9.
DMX Controller DJ Eric Prydz O2
Client:  The Pixel Addicts / Immersive
Location:  O2 Arena, London


Switching back the clock to a job in GREENWICH at the O2 Arena. MegaLED was approached by The Pixel Addicts (Immersive) to create a LED Light Control system to power and colour change a few special edge lit light pipes or “faux neon tubes”. The job was completed to a very tight deadline and finished off with this timeless and amazing video. Thumbs up to Immersive and the performance from the legendary DJ Eric Prydz - who is known for putting on a good show.
Client:  Signgear Systems
Location:  hendon, london,NW4 3LH

RGB LED Sign Control | Built Up Letters

Project involved supplying IP65 waterproof RGB led strip cut to linear lengths of each letter perimeter and specifying, building and supplying RF Control System for wireless remote control of 3 fascia signs.