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Transform your ideas into illuminations.


LED Lighting

Led Lighting MegaLED Led Lighting Specialists London UK

Wholesale supply. Panel lights, modules, led strip, light fixtures and services.


LED Electronics

Led Electronics MegaLED Led electronics specialists London UK

SMART Light Control Electronics, Wireless and DMX protocols. Also, custom designed, UK made LED controllers


Custom Signage Design

Led Displays MegaLED Led displays specialists London UK

Architectural edgelit signs and illuminated backlit glass signage designs.


Specialist Projects

T1 Residential Light Design Service London

We help people and businesses overcome lighting challenges. We design, develop, make or install unique lighting solutions.


Programmable DMX Controllers

Programmable DMX Controllers MegaLED Programmable dmx controllers specialists London UK

Brilliant range of stand alone, software programmable LED DMX controllers and, multichannel DMX dimmers available here.

DMX Control >


T1 LED Solutions Home Box

WOW factor light designs, creative lighting services and custom made products that transform your environment



“MegaLED are skilled lighting engineers and my personal light tailor”
Zach, Zachery Pullman Interior Designs.

The large bathroom I was having built needed to have a real ‘wow’ factor and searching through Google I stumbled on Megaled’s website, showcasing backlit LED glass shelves that glowed in different colours to suit your daily mood, as well as illuminated mirrors that you would only see in 6 star hotel bedrooms, plus lots of other innovative bathroom lighting designs I have not seen elsewhere. Their MD Steve Kane is an absolute genius, a real boffin brimming with myriads of fresh ideas which took my own vision to a completely different level, with lots of drawings and photos of what his company could and have achieved in the past for some very discerning VIPs and major organisations.  From concept to completion both he and his team have been nothing less than superb…
Mr T Zalkin, MegaLED client.

“MegaLED designed a large format illuminated glass sign for our campus sponsor panel. Great service!”
Helen, Development Manager, Oxford University.

MegaLED provide unique solutions. We offer custom light designs, electronics design, prototyping and production services. From our workshop in North London, we specialise in creating specialist bespoke lighting solutions for all sorts of customers and challenging LED applications.  We also produce award-winning illuminated objects that are often specified on property development projects.

Megaleds specialist L.E.D. solutions cover three main areas:

Lighting –  Electronics – Displays.

Here you can see some of our specialist lighting projects and installations

Workshop Clearance 2023:
Contact us for info – lots of LED components, drivers,
dmx and other component parts will shorlty be available to clear.
Full stock list available.

Change in our production set up means we now have:
We are selling an original dongle version fully legitimate used SignLab 9.1 by Cadlink right > here
Easily to get full support from CADLINK as it’s a legitimate, registered copy.

MegaLED Ltd serve demanding customers across the UK and beyond.

Combining a wealth of LED lighting and engineering knowledge with specialist industry expertise, cutting-edge lighting design and led technology we offer you a completely specialised custom lighting solution.