• DMX Circle Mini LED Dimmer RGB 3 channel - powerleds
  • DMX Circle Mini LED Dimmer RGB 3 channel - powerleds

Mini RGB DMX Controller PowerLED 3 channel

Mini DMX Controller RGB Power-LED Driver, 3channels.

DMX-Circle is a super-miniature, DMX controlled, 3 channel LED driver board for current-driven powerLEDs. 350mA version capable of running upto 6x 1Watt LEDs per string at 28V supply. 500mA and 700mA versions also available. Ideal for OEM integration into small-form factor light fixtures.

Our Mini DMX Controller, imaginatively called “The DMX Circle” was originally designed to feature ” hot-dock ” connection ports. This allows us to design customer custom light engine fixtures which dock and connect straight onto the dmx mini controller; with no interconnection wiring required.

Can I have a custom LED Controller?
Yes. Compact as practicably feasible. Recent ODM developments: 4 CHANNEL CV DMX Driver that is very compact and 4 channel PICO CC Driver for PowerLEDs.


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Can I use this DMX controller to dim LED Strip?
This product is designed to power and dim “constant current” PowerLED products like downlighters, light panels etc.  To dim led strips like 12V led tape and 24V flexible led strip or 12V sign lighting modules you would need a “constant voltage” driver.