• Casambi Sensor by Tridonic
  • Casambi Wireless Sensor by Tridonic
  • Casambi Sensor by Tridonic
  • Casambi Wireless Sensor by Tridonic

Casambi Wireless Sensor by Tridonic

Our Casambi Wireless Sensor by Tridonic is a useful module to bring some intelligence into your lighting network.  Sense movement, measure light and then control lighting outputs accordingly. Programme more advanced daylight saving features depending on ambient light levels.  Switch lights on or create emergency triggers when movement is sensed.


  • Mains operation
  • Wide detection range
  • Easy to install
  • 1-2000lux light measuring
  • 53 degree detection range.
  • Bullet-proof reliability.
  • TRIDONIC Quality
  • 5 year warrany.


Houses, small offices, classrooms, doctors’ surgeries and other rooms can now all benefit from low energy costs and unbelievable convenience thanks to this combined daylight and motion sensor.

Our wireless sensor by Tridonic allows individual or grouped luminaires to be automatically and wirelessly dimmed to a pre-set lighting level depending on what is programmed.  The sensor is typically positioned outside the luminaire, it can be positioned anywhere on the Casambi BT mesh network.  Also available for the North American market in a special housing.

MegaLED Casambi hardware specialists and integrators of Tridonic basicDIM series of Casambi compatible hardware.


SKU: 28002801.