Lighting Installations

Selection of MegaLED Lighting Installations are listed here.
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Client:  Christopher Jenner Design.
Location:  MILAN

Artistic LED Feature Display Installation, Milano

Project involved designing and making custom LED light source for illumination of irregular blown glass designs. Made in UK, installed in Italy all within 2 weeks.
Client:  Zachery Pulman Interior Design
Location:  Highgate West Hill, London

LED Shelves and LED Sky Lights, Interior Solution Light Design

Project involved creating a new interior lighting solution. Our feature piece was some “LED Sky Lights” to make a basement space really come to life.
Client:  Tom Kinsley
Location:  Harlesden, London

London LED Strip with RGBW Controller

Project involved specification and build of control box. Installing 25 metres of RGBW linear LED strip across four ceiling beams.
Client:  Sultan of Brunei / Orostream
Location:  London, Knightsbridge

Interior LED Lighting Specialists London

End client: SULTAN OF BRUNEI London apartment, opposite Harrods. Complete LED Lighting design and installation entirely commissioned by MegaLED. Project comprised design of unique LED hardware, bespoke bathroom lighting, master bedroom, cove lighting, custom light control (via LUTRON INTEGRATION) and power-led backlighters. Unique development and production of super warm ‘gold white’ flexible LEDs.
Client:  Jamie Oliver
Location:  London, Westfield, Shepherds Bush

Custom LED DMX Controller - Jamie Oliver's

Project involved designing and installing custom Vespa LED light source, building custom LED control box, programming selection of lighting sequences and completing all onsite LED wiring.
Location:  Germany, Dusseldorf


Project involved supply of RGB LED strip, specification of light control system. wiring of RGB lights, completion of programming sequences, installation and testing for WiFi control using Stick DE3 and DMX9.


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