signage calculator for led modules

Tridonic Launch New Signage Calculator

Tridonic have provided a very useful tool for doing basic calculations in sign shapes and sign panels illuminated with their LED Sign Lighting modules in the TALEXX range.

 As Tridonic marketing blurb says…

Signage is a form of visual communication. Bright light of optimum quality is essential for any company to convey its message.

This is precisely what we can offer you because our TALEXX LED products have an impressively broad and consistent colour spectrum, high efficiency, long life and unbeatable economy.

The colourful world of advertising has just got more colourful thanks to our TALEXX products. Their versatility makes them the first choice for successful brand presence and communication. Because of their characteristic properties they are forcing conventional fluorescent tubes from the market. More and more brand agencies, lighting planners and manufacturers of lighting equipment are opting for our LED products so they can backlight small or large areas perfectly, fully exploit the new-found freedom to design all kinds of lettering, logos and design elements and present them as effectively as possible. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of LED signage we have systematically put major brand names in the right light.